No Business 100

The No Business Hundred is a single loop 100 mile course that we reverse the 
direction of each year. In odd years like this year, the course comes in 
approx 102 miles and there is a 33 hour cutoff.

NB100 begins and ends at the abandoned coal mining town, Blue Heron 
Mining Community, just west of Stearns, Kentucky. The course traverses 
through the heart of the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area 
across the state line into Tennessee and back on some of the oldest 
trails in the southeast.

Along the way participants will pass through towering sandstone arches & 
rockhouses, gaze upon spectacular overlooks & waterfalls, and visit 
abandoned farms and homesteads including the No Business settlement. 
This epic journey is an adventure through some of the most scenic and 
wild areas in the region.

With over 14,000 ft of climbing and 14,000ft of decent, combined with 
the technical terrain make the No Business 100 a challenging and unique 
hundred mile course.


Oct 12 2019